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Wells Fargo Bank Bank Branches: Wells Fargo Bank is one of the largest Bank in the United States of America and it has branches in different states and cities of the United States. Using the search tool below, you can select the branches located in any city and can get all the information related to that branch such as location address, unique branch number, routing number etc. Also, all these branches are secured by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). You can also find the relevant routing number of these branches assigned by The American Bankers Association (ABA). Routing numbers will be different based on the bank branch. You can get all details about Wells Fargo Bank along with routing number, bank address, phone number, zip etc. by clicking on the Wells Fargo Bank branch below. You can also filter your search by selecting your city from the filter below. However, only top 20 cities are listed here. For other cities, type the city name and press search button.

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Wells Fargo Bank Branch Details in Houston

Bank Name - BranchBank AddressCity, CountyStateZip CodeBank Unique Number
Wells Fargo Bank - Mission Bend Branch8750 Highway 6 SouthHouston, Fort BendTexas7708316123
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston-Buffalo Speedway Branch6801 Buffalo SpeedwayHouston, HarrisTexas77025260951
Wells Fargo Bank - Dairy Ashford In-Store Branch14610 Memorial DriveHouston, HarrisTexas77079288577
Wells Fargo Bank - Northwest Oaks Branch5264 West 34th StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77092288578
Wells Fargo Bank - Woodlake Branch9660 Westheimer RdHouston, HarrisTexas77063288575
Wells Fargo Bank - Sunnyside Branch4645 Reed RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77051257216
Wells Fargo Bank - North Belt Branch12941 North FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas77060257194
Wells Fargo Bank - West Chase Branch11041 Westheimer RdHouston, HarrisTexas77042257197
Wells Fargo Bank - Shephard Square Branch2075 Westheimer RdHouston, HarrisTexas77098257199
Wells Fargo Bank - South Gessner Branch11152 South Gessner DriveHouston, HarrisTexas77071288576
Wells Fargo Bank - Champions Village Branch5219 Fm 1960 Road WestHouston, HarrisTexas77069288574
Wells Fargo Bank - Clear Lake Branch1150 Clear Lake City Blvd., Suite 101Houston, HarrisTexas77062360014
Wells Fargo Bank - Braeburn Branch6255 Bissonnet StHouston, HarrisTexas77081286199
Wells Fargo Bank - Meyer Park4888 West Bellfort StHouston, HarrisTexas77035284359
Wells Fargo Bank - Highway 6 & 529 Branch6990 Highway 6 NorthHouston, HarrisTexas77084284374
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston Dairy Ashford Branch1160 Dairy Ashford StHouston, HarrisTexas77079257534
Wells Fargo Bank - Steeplechase Branch9577 Jones Road, Suite 115Houston, HarrisTexas77065286202
Wells Fargo Bank - Norchester Branch10978 Grant RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77070286196
Wells Fargo Bank - Sagemont Branch11725 South Sam Houston ParkwayHouston, HarrisTexas77089286176
Wells Fargo Bank - Meyerland Branch4800 West Bellfort StHouston, HarrisTexas77035286195
Wells Fargo Bank - Blalock Branch1304 Blalock RdHouston, HarrisTexas77055286200
Wells Fargo Bank - San Felipe & Sage Branch5161 San Felipe Street, Suite 200aHouston, HarrisTexas77056257228
Wells Fargo Bank - Vanderbilt Square Branch3131 W Holcombe BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas77025257220
Wells Fargo Bank - Bay Oaks Branch2323 Clear Lake City BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas77062257212
Wells Fargo Bank - Royal Oaks Branch11815 Westheimer RdHouston, HarrisTexas77077257210
Wells Fargo Bank - 1301 Mckenney Branch1301 Mckinney StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77010257191
Wells Fargo Bank - Woodridge Office2800 Woodridge DrHouston, HarrisTexas77087253704
Wells Fargo Bank - Copperfield Branch7071 Highway 6 NorthHouston, HarrisTexas77095286174
Wells Fargo Bank - Medical Center Branch6651 Main Street, Suite F370Houston, HarrisTexas77030257271
Wells Fargo Bank - West University Branch5586 Weslayan StHouston, HarrisTexas77005286203
Wells Fargo Bank - Champions Regency Mb Branch12900 Champion Forest DrHouston, HarrisTexas77066361435
Wells Fargo Bank - North Belt Motor Branch12894 North FwyHouston, HarrisTexas77060257208
Wells Fargo Bank - Town And Country Village_branch12850 Memorial Drive, Suite 1000-AHouston, HarrisTexas77024257267
Wells Fargo Bank - Southwest Freeway Branch6161 Savoy DrHouston, HarrisTexas77036257272
Wells Fargo Bank - Westheimer And Kirkwood Branch2464 South Kirkwood RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77007447853
Wells Fargo Bank - Southwest Freeway Mb Branch6607 Southwest FwyHouston, HarrisTexas77074441689
Wells Fargo Bank - Scarsdale Branch11102 ScarsdaleHouston, HarrisTexas77089431473
Wells Fargo Bank - Ella And W 43rd Branch1350 W 43rd St.Houston, HarrisTexas77018493567
Wells Fargo Bank - Fulton And Booth Branch2799 Fulton StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77009475974
Wells Fargo Bank - Hedwig Village Branch9413 Katy FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas77024445427
Wells Fargo Bank - Market At Uvalde Branch13560 I-10 EastHouston, HarrisTexas77015472075
Wells Fargo Bank - El Camino And Bay Area Branch1005 Bay Area BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas77058461745
Wells Fargo Bank - 249 & Spring Cypress Branch22515 Tomball ParkwayHouston, HarrisTexas77070432891
Wells Fargo Bank - Vintage Park Branch10910 Louetta RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77070456820
Wells Fargo Bank - Bellaire And Highway 66783 Hwy 6 SouthHouston, HarrisTexas77083467881
Wells Fargo Bank - Memorial And Kirkwood Branch14001 Memorial DriveHouston, HarrisTexas77079467466
Wells Fargo Bank - Fm 1960 And Glen Erica Branch5302 Fm 1960 Rd WestHouston, HarrisTexas77069467245
Wells Fargo Bank - Richmond And Rice Branch5219 Richmond AveHouston, HarrisTexas77056453777
Wells Fargo Bank - Clay And Barker Cypress Branch3981 Barker Cypress RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77084452095
Wells Fargo Bank - Beechnut And Beltway 810005 Beechnut StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77072465613
Wells Fargo Bank - Memorial And Asbury5650 Memorial DriveHouston, HarrisTexas77077475460
Wells Fargo Bank - Yale And 20th Branch235 West 20th StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77008447326
Wells Fargo Bank - Midtown Branch2714 Smith StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77006463865
Wells Fargo Bank - River Oaks Mb Branch1404 W Gray StHouston, HarrisTexas77019441671
Wells Fargo Bank - Jetero Mb Branch101 Wells Fargo DrHouston, HarrisTexas77090441681
Wells Fargo Bank - Cutten And Fm1960 Branch6907 Fm 1960 WHouston, HarrisTexas77069453774
Wells Fargo Bank - Highland Village Branch3747 Westheimer Road, Suite AHouston, HarrisTexas77027461728
Wells Fargo Bank - Crossroads Branch19704 Northwest FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas77065428190
Wells Fargo Bank - Weslayan And Bissonnet Branch5311 Weslayan StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77005458858
Wells Fargo Bank - Wirt And Long Point Branch7846 Long Point RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77055447221
Wells Fargo Bank - Westheimer And Lazy Hollow Branch8607 Westheimer RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77063458292
Wells Fargo Bank - Sawyer Heights Branch2005 Taylor StHouston, HarrisTexas77007458000
Wells Fargo Bank - Gessner And Westheimer Branch9715 Westheimer RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77042456239
Wells Fargo Bank - West Road Plaza Branch10261 North Freeway, Suite 500Houston, HarrisTexas77037468157
Wells Fargo Bank - Tanglewood Branch5700 Woodway Drive, Suite 100Houston, HarrisTexas77057470085
Wells Fargo Bank - Winrock & San Felipe Branch6430 San Felipe StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77057437864
Wells Fargo Bank - Gulf Freeway Mb Branch9990 Almeda Genoa RdHouston, HarrisTexas77075441683
Wells Fargo Bank - West Oaks Branch2494 Highway 6 SHouston, HarrisTexas77077463511
Wells Fargo Bank - West 34th Street & Northwest Freeway5175 W 34th StHouston, HarrisTexas77092493536
Wells Fargo Bank - Sharpstown Branch7302 Bellaire BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas77036468174
Wells Fargo Bank - Kirby And Kipling Branch2801 Kirby DriveHouston, HarrisTexas77098451947
Wells Fargo Bank - San Felipe And Voss Branch1625 S. Voss RdHouston, HarrisTexas77057467242
Wells Fargo Bank - Kirby And Bissonnet Branch5202 Kirby DriveHouston, HarrisTexas77098470136
Wells Fargo Bank - Gessner And Braeswood Branch9898 S Gessner DrHouston, HarrisTexas77071467244
Wells Fargo Bank - Westheimer & Weslayan Branch3803 Westheimer RoadHouston, HarrisTexas77027476070
Wells Fargo Bank - Town And Country Branch12859 Kimberly LnHouston, HarrisTexas77024479898
Wells Fargo Bank - San Felipe And Garrettson Branch4906 San Felipe StreetHouston, HarrisTexas77056448843
Wells Fargo Bank - Memorial Mb Branch10135 Katy FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas77024247022
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston Northshore Branch13106 Woodforest BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas77015242903
Wells Fargo Bank - Cypress Branch12339 Jones RoadHouston, HarrisTexas7707014738
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston Port City Branch3601 Eastex FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas7702610650
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston Commercial Branch3434 Tidwell RdHouston, HarrisTexas7709310937
Wells Fargo Bank - Addicks Branch14600 Katy FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas7707915083
Wells Fargo Bank - Wayside And Harrisburg6821 Harrisburg BlvdHouston, HarrisTexas7701115177
Wells Fargo Bank - Beltway Branch9702 Bellaire BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas7703614509
Wells Fargo Bank - Gulf Freeway Branch10225 Almeda-Genoa RoadHouston, HarrisTexas7707514228
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston Hillcroft Street Branch2824 Hillcroft StreetHouston, HarrisTexas7705713748
Wells Fargo Bank - Braeswood Branch4010 South Braeswood BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas7702513215
Wells Fargo Bank - Memorial Branch901 Gessner RoadHouston, HarrisTexas7702412835
Wells Fargo Bank - Fairbanks Branch13201 Northwest FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas7704012003
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston I-10 Branch10310 East FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas7702946290
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston Central Branch1000 Louisiana StHouston, HarrisTexas7700216937
Wells Fargo Bank - Post Oak Branch1300 Post Oak BoulevardHouston, HarrisTexas7705615213
Wells Fargo Bank - River Oaks Branch1500 Waugh DriveHouston, HarrisTexas7701911207
Wells Fargo Bank - Jetero Branch17317 North FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas7709013896
Wells Fargo Bank - Champions Branch5625 Fm 1960 Road WestHouston, HarrisTexas7706914112
Wells Fargo Bank - Houston West 43rd Street Branch12200 Northwest FreewayHouston, HarrisTexas7709217409
Wells Fargo Bank South Central, National Association - Wells Fargo Bank South Central, Nati2005 Taylor StreetHouston, HarrisTexas770773446

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