Routing Number 067007156

Routing Number 067007156 is the routing transit number of CITIBANK /FLORIDA/BR situated in CORAL GABLES, FL. It is a nine digit bank code, used in the United States, which identifies the financial institution of the check on which it was drawn. Routing Numbers are also used for routing of funds to the destination bank in e-payments (ACH Routing Number) and fedwire transfers (Fedwire Routing Number). You can find the complete routing details about CITIBANK /FLORIDA/BR, CORAL GABLES below including routing number, address, phone number and other contact information in a particular City, ZIP Code, County or State.

CITIBANK /FLORIDA/BR - ACH Routing Number (067007156)

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Office TypeMain Office (O)
Bank Address1190 S DIXIE HWY
Zip Code 33146-2918
Bank Phone Number(305) 661-7644
Service Number 061000146
Record Type Code 2
Institution Status Code 1

NOTE: FedWire Routing Number does not exist for entered routing number 067007156.

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